Thank you for sharing! She was so proud the other day when she brought her book home to practice reading. She read it to me, her dad, and her brother many times! We’ve also noticed her excitement about sounding out words, so we have purchased some flashcards with basic sight words to practice at home. She reminds me every night that she wants to read them to me. Thank you for all that you do to encourage Cara! 🙂 (March 2011)


Dear Denise and Teachers, I want to express my gratitude for a wonderful mother’s day program. You made us feel so especial. Every detail was filled with love and care. When Melody finished singing “I love you mommy” I couldn’t contain my tears, she asked me, why are you crying mommy? I said I’m so blessed to have you! We’re so blessed to have teachers like all of you. – Many Thanks, Anabel (May 2011)


Thank you all for the love, care and teaching you show and provide Gabby each day. We are so pleased with the growth she has made since coming to Monarch. (December 2011)

The Harris Family

Hi Ladies – Just wanted to let you know  that Hollis was SO HAPPY to get three [thank you] cards in the mail!  We love that you three ladies took the time during this busy season to send him these…everyday our choice in a pre-school is validated and we’ll never be able to thank you enough… Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! (January 2012)

The Hawkins’ Family

Hi Denise. Today’s holiday program was adorable, even if my sweet Sarajane refused to participate 🙂 I wanted to thank you all for her present. The smile on her face when she saw the pitcher was priceless! She was so excited! Thanks for helping both of my girls develop a love of learning. Merry Christmas!  (January 2012)


Dear Elaine, Chyrl and Kelly – I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time in the classroom on Wednesday. Sarah has become so independent and confident in the classroom and it is spilling over to home activities and Sunday School. You are all doing such a wonderful job and I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work and dedication. Fondly, Krista (February 2013)


Dear Ms. Kim, Thank you for all your communication throughout Kye’s first week of school. I appreciate your dedication to the success of each child in your care. I am amazed myself of how well Kye is transitioning. In his previous placement, Kye cried every morning and was sad and grumpy each afternoon. It was so sad to watch because that’s not the Kye we know. Kye is curious, independent, sensitive, compassionate, and happy. He is flourishing in the environment you and the rest of Monarch have created. Thank you so much! Warm Regards, The Stewart Family (September 2014)

The Stewart Family

I’ve always worked on having manners with Kayson but I have seen such amazing progress since he’s started school. Today after his nap I asked him if he would like a snack. He clear-as-day said “no thank you. But thank you for asking.” What an amazing response for a Mom to hear from her speech-delayed little boy. Thought you’d like to know your efforts are paying off! Thank you for being such a great influence on our children! (September 2016)