October 2016
Dear Monarch Teachers: I had to share with you that Noah is absolutely loving first grade and doing so well. I can’t thank you enough for encouraging the extra year at Monarch. I think the additional pre-school year gave Noah the right amount of time to move at good pace to learn and truly fall in love with learning. He’s reading and writing beautifully and excelling in math. Thank you again!

September 2016
I’ve always worked on having manners with Kayson but I have seen such amazing progress since he’s started school. Today after his nap I asked him if he would like a snack. He clear-as-day said “no thank you. But thank you for asking.” What an amazing response for a Mom to hear from her speech-delayed little boy. Thought you’d like to know your efforts are paying off! Thank you for being such a great influence on our children! Leah

September 2014
Dear Ms. Kim, Thank you for all your communication throughout Kye’s first week of school. I appreciate your dedication to the success of each child in your care. I am amazed myself of how well Kye is transitioning. In his previous placement, Kye cried every morning and was sad and grumpy each afternoon. It was so sad to watch because that’s not the Kye we know. Kye is curious, independent, sensitive, compassionate, and happy. He is flourishing in the environment you and the rest of Monarch have created. Thank you so much! Warm Regards, The Stewart Family

February 2013
Dear Elaine, Chyrl and Kelly – I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time in the classroom on Wednesday. Sarah has become so independent and confident in the classroom and it is spilling over to home activities and Sunday School. You are all doing such a wonderful job and I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work and dedication. Fondly, Krista

January 2012
Hi Denise. Today’s holiday program was adorable, even if my sweet Sarajane refused to participate 🙂 I wanted to thank you all for her present. The smile on her face when she saw the pitcher was priceless! She was so excited! Thanks for helping both of my girls develop a love of learning. Merry Christmas! – Susan

January 2012
Hi Ladies – Just wanted to let you know  that Hollis was SO HAPPY to get three [thank you] cards in the mail!  We love that you three ladies took the time during this busy season to send him these…everyday our choice in a pre-school is validated and we’ll never be able to thank you enough… Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! – The Hawkins’ Family

December 2011
Thank you all for the love, care and teaching you show and provide Gabby each day. We are so pleased with the growth she has made since coming to Monarch. – The Harris Family

May 2011
Dear Denise and Teachers, I want to express my gratitude for a wonderful mother’s day program. You made us feel so especial. Every detail was filled with love and care. When Melody finished singing “I love you mommy” I couldn’t contain my tears, she asked me, why are you crying mommy? I said I’m so blessed to have you! We’re so blessed to have teachers like all of you. – Many Thanks, Anabel

March 2011
Thank you for sharing! She was so proud the other day when she brought her book home to practice reading. She read it to me, her dad, and her brother many times! We’ve also noticed her excitement about sounding out words, so we have purchased some flashcards with basic sight words to practice at home. She reminds me every night that she wants to read them to me. Thank you for all that you do to encourage Cara! 🙂 – Jessica

February 2011
Just wanted to send a quick thank you to you all for a wonderful unit on the body! Both the girls really enjoyed it and it is the only topic discussed at school that they have told me anything about. They still tell me little bits of info each day. Thanks again for all your hard work! – Lesley

December 2010
Dear Mary Ellen – Thank you again for letting me share about a country that is dear to our family. It was my pleasure. And we would love to meet other families with ties to Germany. We are looking forward to tomorrow! Emma was so happy with all of the goodies she brought home yesterday by the way. She could hardly contain herself. Little does she know the greatest gift she has been given; being a student at Monarch is such a blessing and we are very thankful for all that you and your staff do. See you tomorrow! – Rosanna

October 2010
Dear Ladies – This is one bill I don’t mind paying! Emma so enjoys her time with you! Happy Fall. – Rosanna

July 2009
Dear Mary Ellen – Thanks so much to all of the counselors and helpers [during the summer program]! Chloe had a wonderful time. She is planning on returning next year but would like it to be longer!! Guess the kids are NOT as tired as all of you 🙂 Have a great summer! – Mary Lynn

April 2009
Dear Miss Mary Ellen – I want to thank you for helping Melody to be a stronger, happy little girl. I was one of the “neighbors” in your letter. I can see the proud face when she comes out of her room with the clothes she chose for the day. I used to pick to outfits and she decided which one to wear. But you’re absolutely right, she needs to feel capable and competent. Thank you again for taking the time to help us become better parents. – Anabel

Jan. 2009
Hi Mary Ellen, I just wanted to thank you and the staff for encouraging the students (especially Sydney of course!) to be more responsible for themselves. I have been talking a lot with Sydney about this, especially since Aubrey now takes a lot of my time. I think Syd has gotten used to me just doing things automatically for her because sometimes it seems easier, but I have made a conscious decision that she is old enough to be taking responsibility for herself and her actions. I will say that she is getting much better, and i think the message is starting to get clearer. so it is very refreshing to know that you are aware of this at school and have greater expectations for all of the students. Thank you so much for all the “little things” you do for them that mean so much! have a great weekend! – Michele

Dear Mrs. Kelly – I hope you have a very excellent, very special, very amazing Valentine’s Day today… for there’s no other reason than the obvious. You are a very excellent, very special, very amazing person…and you deserve that! A wonderful teacher like you means there’s a lucky student like me 🙂 Lots of Love – Aleezay

Dear Mrs. Kelly – As I write this I can’t believe it has been five years that you have been in our lives! I don’t know how to express my thanks to you for being such an inspiration and a guiding light, not only to my children, but to us as a family. From the very 1st day of Parent-Toddler with Julianna, you have always made us feel special. You have an incredible gift with not only our children, but with us as a whole. I truly believe this your calling in life! So thank you again for your years of dedication, love and guidance from the bottom of our family’s hearts. You will forever be remembered in our family! – Dana and Chris

Dear Mrs. Kelly and Monarch Montessori – Just wanted to express my gratitude for all that you and your teachers have meant to Joshua. As you remember Josh was always determined, but had some struggles when her first joined your wonderful school! He has come so far and is so ready for the future. I truly believe that your patience and kindness and outstanding teaching has led him to where he is today! The principal at Mountain Christian School was so impressed with all of his knowledge and says he will be ahead in many areas. I know he will miss all of you. Tristan has a lot to look forward too!!! Thank you. – Lisa