Admission is non-discriminatory and based on the educational concepts of Dr. Maria Montessori. Children between the ages of 2¾ and 6 years of age will be considered for enrollment upon receipt of a completed application form accompanied by the registration fee.


Primary Program (Ages 2¾ – 6)*:

  1. Children must be between ages 2¾ and 4 prior to September 1.
  2. Children must be toilet trained. Occasional accidents are to be expected, but frequent accidents should not be the rule. Pull-ups or diapers are not allowed.
  3. Children should be able to separate from their parents within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. If a child has previous school experience, copies of records must be provided.
  5. Children older than 4 years of age will be considered for admission after June 1st.

Kindergarten Program (Ages 5-6)*:

  1. Children must be 5 prior to September 1.
  2. Children should have at least one year of Montessori experience in an AMS or AMI School.
  3. Copies of records must be provided.
  4. Children without prior Montessori experience will be considered for admission after June 15.


  1. All children are expected to visit the school with their parents or guardians and take part in a pre-admission interview to determine readiness and placement. At that time, the student will work briefly with a teacher in the classroom.
  2. Any educational/psychological testing must be submitted prior to admission.
  3. Education for all children will be done within the parameters of the Montessori philosophy.


  1. New enrollees to Primary and Kindergarten:
    1. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions. Contact us here.
    2. Complete the APPLICATION FORM 
    3. Submit the form including the $50.00 Application/Interview Fee.
    4. Upon receipt of application you will be contacted for an Interview.
  2. Returning students: Re-register by submitting a contract with required deposits.


  1. Students who are currently enrolled in classes at Monarch Montessori School may register first until March 30th by submitting a completed application and contract and paying the $200.00 registration fee and 10% of the annual tuition as indicated on the fee schedule.
  2. Students who are transferring from another Montessori school, siblings of currently enrolled students, and siblings of formerly enrolled students may register beginning March 30th by following the application process above.
  3. New students may register beginning April 1st by following the application process above.

Notice of acceptance will be made as soon as possible. Parents will be given health, immunization and emergency forms to complete at that time. Students in category #3 and #4 above will receive their contract. Acceptance must be made within 7 days to guarantee your space.